I really like music, listening to it that is. There's nothing quite like putting my headphones on and listening to some tunes, maybe closing my eyes, or watching out the window on the train. I actually quite like concentrating myself just on the sounds, instead of having it in the background while doing something else.

While my preferences go by individual artists or even albums, rather than genres, there are some which I identify with, maybe in how they sound or the feeling thay give. For example, I really like shoegaze.

My Dead Girlfriend

My Dead Girlfriend - Ixtab Cover
Ixtab, by My Dead Girlfriend, released in 2010

My Dead Girlfirend is one of my favourite shoegaze artists. They are japanese, like most recentish shoegaze artsists. This is because shoegaze is basically a dead genre, but in the late 2000s, there emerged some sort of japanese shoegaze scene. So it's no concidence that a lot of the shoegaze artists I listen to are from japan. 1


1 Other examples include Tokyo Shoegazer, Plastic girl in closet, Mash, Wintermute, Shojoskip. However, there are many more.